Justin Copie

Episode 584: Win or Learn, with Justin Copie

Justin Copie is the CEO of Innovative Solutions and is leading a bold move forward — instilling growth in employees and inspiring change well beyond the four walls of Innovative. Yes the 75 people working at Innovative don’t work for him — he works for them. As CEO and leader, Justin provides safety and direction, safety in voicing opinions, trying new things, and failing, and direction in where to go on the path to success. He serves others in cultivating a culture where people can come to work every day feeling safe and free to do what they love to do, and in turn help Innovative reach its vision.

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Lori Ames

Episode 583: Be stubborn and determined, with Lori Ames

Lori Ames, a veteran book publicist, is the president and founder of ThePRFreelancer, a public relations agency specializing in publicity, marketing, and public relations for non-fiction book authors. She started her business in late 2010 after her son was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor and believes that her reason for success is very simple - and that’s why she’s been nice to every person she’s spoken to for the past 25 years.

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Murray Priestely

Episode 582: Ask yourself the right questions, with Murray Priestley

Murray Priestley is a partner at Global Private Partners, a private equity investment firm based in Hong Kong. Since 1988, he’s provided executive level management to a range of businesses. Working from an in-depth understanding of financial markets, information technology & customer service, Murray has bridged the gap between strategy & operational requirements. He’s also the author of two books, including “The Great Business Shape-up” and “The $1 million Pay Day”.

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John Mitchell

Episode 581: 12% of the Dallas Cowboys, with John Mitchell.

John Mitchell nearly owned 12 percent of the Dallas Cowboys and shares the incredible story at the beginning of our interview. Today, John is an entrepreneur and founder of “Think It, Be it” — a human performance company for high achievers that was born out of his fascination of how a person can take science and apply it to their life to substantially increase their chances for success, both personally and professionally. John’s 12-minute a day success formula helps people to gain more self-control and focus to up their game and move to the next level.

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Evan Polin

Episode 580: Mindset is more important than skill set, with Evan Polin.

Evan Polin is the co-author of SELLING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES THE SANDLER WAY which teaches non-selling professionals how to sell. He is also a certified Sandler trainer who plays an important role in Sandler’s worldwide organization, Sandler Training - the world leader in sales development training programs. Along with his father, Evan co-heads a Sandler Training center in the Philadelphia area.

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Christine Comaford

Episode 579: Power your tribe, with Christine Comaford.

Christine Comaford is a leadership and culture coach and New York Times bestselling author. For over 30 years, she has helped leaders navigate growth & change. Christine is sought after for providing proven strategies to shift executive behavior to create more positive outcomes, enroll and align teams in times of change, profoundly increase sales, product offerings, and company value. Her coaching, consulting and strategies have created hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue and value for her clients.

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Shawn Murphy

Episode 578: Be vulnerable, with Shawn Murphy.

Shawn Murphy serves as CEO of WorqIQ, formerly Switch and Shift, an organization that helps leaders transform the work experience to be positive, energizing & optimistic. His debut book, “The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment that Energizes Everyone”, is out now. Shawn was recently named a “Top 100 Leadership Speaker” in Inc.com and has over 25 years’ experience as an organizational and culture change practitioner and workshop facilitator.

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Elizabeth Crook

Episode 577: Live large, with Elizabeth Crook.

Elizabeth Crook has been the CEO of Orchard Advisors for the past 20+ years and in that role, has helped other CEOs and entrepreneurs think and act strategically to grow their companies & find greater personal satisfaction. She has shown countless individuals how to invent and reinvent themselves. Elizabeth knows how to inspire people to gain a fresh sense of what they can accomplish in their lives, think about themselves with compassion, develop a sense of humor about their challenges, and ultimately...take action.

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Jeff Thompson

Episode 576: Lead True, with Dr. Jeff Thompson.

Dr. Jeff Thompson is an executive advisor and chief executive officer emeritus at Gundersen Health System, pediatrician, author, and speaker. His experience in leadership is far-reaching, having led diverse teams, projects, and divisions, before holding multiple senior executive roles, including fourteen years as CEO of Gundersen Health System. Dr. Thompson is also the author of “Lead True: Live Your Values, Build Your People, Inspire Your Community.”

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David Fairley

Episode 575: How to exit, with David Fairley.

David Fairley is the founder and president of Website Properties.com, a brokerage that specializes in selling established and profitable Internet-based businesses. David also personally developed, bought and sold Hammocks.com, Strollers.com, Drums.com, Unicorns.com and over 60 website businesses in multiple niches. He has represented more than 475 Internet-based business owners in the sale of their websites.

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